Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Perfect Man...maybe

Hey everybody! Hope your week was great! My week was very productive, for once.  I got all of my homework done during my breaks between classes. It was such a nice feeling having everything finished before the evening. You're probably wondering about the title of this post. Well a couple weeks ago at CRU, the pastor/leader said we should think about the qualities we're looking for in our husband/wife--not so much in the sense of physical appearance, but personality and character qualities instead.  I've never really thought through what I'm looking for in a person. So, I've started honestly thinking about the person with whom I'm going to spend the rest of my life.  I've come up with a few traits so far that I think are fundamental:

1. Believes that Jesus Christ is his Lord and Savior and is passionately pursuing Him.
2. Has a passion, drive, and motivation towards a career/life goal(s).
3. Is assertive. Tells me I'm being stupid when I need to hear it most.
4. Understands how to show me love. Accepts that I'm not very physically affectionate.
5. Has a great sense of humor.
6. Treats women with respect, no matter who they are.
7. Is patient. It will take an EXTREMELY patient man to be with me.
8. Is romantic. I try, but I'm not very romantic.

Those are just a few traits I've thought of so far.  This may turn into a multi-post series.  Being single is great because I have time to think about what God wants for me in all areas of my life.  I'm loving how He's showing me new things about myself every day.  He's molding me and shaping me into something beautiful.

As I'm closing this post, I'm reminded of something my mom told me after my last break-up.  She said, "You may not like being touched or holding hands or hugging; but when you find the right guy, you won't mind if they do (those things)."  My parents are such a great example of what a godly marriage should be. I thank the Lord every day for giving me great parents who live out Christ in all areas of their lives.  They're the greatest role models.

At their wedding and last year. Still so in love.

Have you guys ever considered what you're looking for in your husband/wife? What is your number 1 trait? 

Have a great week!
Love you guys,


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