Saturday, July 2, 2011

To Exercise or Not To Exercise? That Is the Question

It's 11:15PM and I'm STILL in my pajamas. Laziness? Yes. Ridiculous? Yes. So nice to lay down and do nothing for a few hours? YES!  I don't know what the psychology of a Saturday is, but it just makes me want to lay in bed lazily until I have to get up and make myself presentable for work.  I woke up at 8:30 thinking, "I think I'll get up and go running!"  Then I took my adorable puppy, Sophie, outside for her morning business and it is HOT!

The summer heat in Arkansas is AWFUL! The hotter it gets, the more I want to stay in air conditioning as much as possible! Or swim. I'd like to swim. Wait...No! I hate swimming (at least in public pools) because I HATE bathing suits. I don't care if I'm "not fat" or "still young." I have always hated being bigger than all the girls my age (and I don't mean height-wise). I have never been comfortable enough with my body to wear a bikini even though I desperately want to be hot enough to wear one!

This is where the crucial question comes in: To Exercise or Not To Exercise?  Obviously, if I am not comfortable with my body, I choose not to exercise more often than not.  I have a few reasons I don't enjoy exercising. I will list them for you:
1. I sweat like a man. Not glistening, but red-faced, drenched in perspiration sweating.
2. I hate exercising alone.
3. I feel like EVERYBODY is watching me whether I'm in a gym, running in the park, swimming in a public pool, etc. (I know they're not, but still)
4. I don't like showering in the middle of the day or at night because of my hair--it's unruly and curly.
5. Everything jiggles. I hate the jiggling. Arms, thighs, tummy. Jiggle, jiggle, jiggle. Like a nasty jello person.

I realize that #5 could easily go away if I got off my lazy behind and exercised.  I am not a reasonable person when it comes to exercise. I don't want to be panting in a gym full of in-shape people. On this topic, I heard that the HPER (the gym on the UofA campus) has now banned girls from wearing only a sports bra and the tight exercise camis.  They've also banned guys from wearing muscle tanks and those ridiculous cut out t-shirts. The person who told me this was very angry about this decision. I sat and nodded while they ranted about how the University was becoming "too conservative" and that "it should be the individual's choice if they want to wear those things to the gym." Even though I was nodding in agreement, I was really thinking, "Hallelujah!! Now, when I finally do go to the gym (haha!), there won't be girls with their perfectly toned abs exercising on the elliptical next to me.  My inferiority complex will be dwindled a little bit!"

What do you think? Do think it was fair for the UofA to make this new rule? Do you also avoid exercise? What are some reasons why? And if you enjoy exercise, please share your motivation!

Thanks for reading! Happy Holiday Weekend!


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  2. "Your booty be bumpin'" WHAT?! Well...bless your heart.

    I loathe exercise. the only reason I ever intend to run is to catch something or to get away from something.

    However, I also know it is the only way to whittle away some of this flab. After my surgery, the doctor showed us pictures of my insides (fun). there was a LOT of lumpy yellow nastiness that I know is fat. GRRRR-OSS. So, I have a little motivation now. Gonna wait for it to cool down a bit, and then I hope to ride a bike or walk to work.

    And, yes, I agree with the new rule at the hper. If girls and guys want to jump around to music in their underwear, there's a place they can be paid to do that.