Monday, December 19, 2011

Well, it's sort of been forever...

So, this semester has been super crazy. I love college and school and friends and work, but sometimes it's a little bit too much to handle.  I took 17 credit hours this semester and worked 16 hours a week.  I know that a lot of people do more, but this was a lot for me. Especially because I was waking up at 4AM Tuesday-Thursday in order to get to work by 5AM.  Needless to say, I was a little exhausted.  Being in marching band (a 1 credit hour course requiring 2 1/2 hours of rehearsal four days a week plus entire Saturdays for games) really added a lot to my plate.  If I had the option to not be in marching band this semester, I might have said no. But, despite all of the exhaustion, I still have so much to be thankful for from this past semester:
                          This is me and Emily on the tuba. You didn't believe me, did you?

1. I have a 3.5 for the semester.  All As and Bs! So proud of my Bs in Biological Anthropology and Aural Perception II.
2. I made 4th chair Wind Symphony! So excited and surprised by this, but really thankful!
3. Lots of progress on the flute. My teacher, Kristen Predl, really rocked my world with tips and tricks this semester!
4. Making new friends and strengthening friendships.
5. Being a member of the tuba section in marching band. I love all those crazy boys! They made being last chair so fun!
6. Being on Care Committee for SAI. I love my committee members so much! We had a blast making cards and really showing the music department how much we love them!
7. Having an awesome job! Seriously, I got to decorate Christmas cookies for almost 2 hours one day. It's great.
                      The members of SAI Care Committee (from left: me, Kaitlin, and Emily)

As great as this past semester has been, I'm really looking forward to next semester! I'll be working 18 hours a week, but it'll be great because I'll only be working Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  I'll be in a challenging ensemble with two of my very best friends, Emily and Jacob.  And I'm going to find a new church with a great college ministry to get involved in. I really need to reconnect to God this next semester.  And I'll actually have time to work out this semester (this is important)!

I have so much to look forward to and I really hope to have more time to blog this semester.

How about you? How has this semester/fall been for you?

Love so very much,

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