Saturday, January 14, 2012

Friends just make life better

This past week has been awesome!  I've gotten to hang out with my friends so much! I'm really going to miss this crazy social life by Tuesday (classes start on Tuesday).  Here's how this past week went down:

Monday--shop in Tulsa with Mom
Tuesday--get hair fixed
Wednesday--Calzone Night
Thursday--Kosmos/Orange Leaf/Puppy for Flann's birthday
Friday--Scary movie night with Em and Mary
Saturday--work and Taco Bell with Jacob

This break has been so great! It's exactly what I needed to recuperate from a rough semester and refuel for a new one.  I'm so excited for this semester!  I just need to move back into my dorm room tomorrow and buy my French I textbook and I'll be good to go! 

Here's some pics from this week's activities:

Tastefully decorated cupcakes for Flannery's birthday

Beau's MEGA calzone
Birthday girl and Dustin
Oops! Forgot to take pictures at Kosmos and for scary movie night!  We watched Insidious--fyi: scary stuff.  Demon possession creeps. me. out. 

Anything fun going on with you guys? Hope you guys had a great week too! 



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