Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New 'Do

It's finally finished!!!! I can now say that I have dyed my hair at least once!  I'm going to go step-by-step with pictures through this experience with you.  I know, thank me later. 

Step 1.  Have mom assist squeezing foul-smelling dye all over head and wrap head in saran wrap
Step 2.  Make silly faces while waiting 20 minutes for dye to do its magic
Step 3.  Rinse dye out for, like, 20 minutes and use amazing shine-creating conditioner
Step 4.  Wake up the next morning after sleeping on wet hair, screech, and then straighten hair
Step 5.  Realize you missed a million spots and frantically text stylist for appointment next day
Step 6.  Spend 2 hours in salon getting your hair re-dyed and cut
Step 7.  See what hair looks like when up in a ponytail

Step 8.  Voila! A new hairstyle!
My stylist is Kara Cornett at Freshair Salon if anyone is interested.  She's awesome! Can't wait for all my friends to see my new cut tonight!! It's calzone night at my house!  We're having a bunch of my friends over, making personalized calzones, and celebrating Flannery's 20th birthday!! I promise to take lots of pictures (like I even have to promise) and post them sometime soon. 

Anyone else have a new hairstyle?

Have a lovely day and lots of love,



  1. Ah! Did Jimalea recommend her to you? I have been seeing Mandy at Freshair since I was 14! I went there Wed to get my last highligh/cut before the move! Love the hair Anna!

    1. Kara goes to the church I went to. I love Freshair! Hope your move went well!