Monday, January 9, 2012

One Week Later...

Okay, so maybe I won't write, "I'll tell you about it tomorrow." ever again.  Instead, I'll just say, "Update on *activity mentioned* coming soon!" Anyways, last week a lot of fun stuff happened.  On Monday, my dad, sister, foreign exchange student, and I went ice skating and to Crystal Bridges and the Walmart museum.  The ice skating in Bentonville is NOT fun.  The rink is tiny and there are too many people there.  Plus, it was frigid.  We ended the ice skating early and headed around the corner to the Walmart museum. It's at the site of the original Walton's Five & Dime.  They've done a really nice renovation and now it's super fun to walk through. If you're ever nearby, go visit! Lots of fun facts about Sam Walton and his amazing visions!  Then we went to Crystal Bridges. Words cannot describe how awesome seeing all of that American art is! I took SO many pictures!  The architecture is INCREDIBLE! The art is PHENOMENAL!! Aghhhhh!!!! So much culture! 

Crystal Bridges from the outside

A Mary Cassat original
Ana, me, and Claudia at Crystal Bridges

On Wednesday, I left at 8AM for the Cotton Bowl!  Armed with coffee and enough cookies to feed a small army (four different kinds of cookies, one batch of each kind), we headed on our 6+ hour ride to Dallas, TX.  I know I'm weird for this, but I love band bus rides!  All of my friends and I are super goofy.  One of my friends, Jacob, colored pictures while my best friend, Emily, and I wrote a diary entry channeling his thoughts.  Needless to say, Jacob almost wet himself when he read "his" diary entry.  I won't embarrass him by publishing it on the World Wide Web.  We also played a few games of MASH.  Man, that game will NEVER get old! 

Cookies for Cotton Bowl trip

The picture Jacob colored (mad skillz)

The Cotton Bowl was a BLAST! We ate at P.F. Chang's the first night. Delicious stuff!! The next day we went to the Galleria Mall and I bought a bunch of new tops, camis, a new necklace, new bras, and a new dress.  I am such a bargain hunter!! That evening we went to the Main Event, an arcade/laser tag/bowling/billiards place.  Our chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota met with some of the members of the K-state chapter.  It was nice meeting some fellow sisters!  On Friday, the Hogs became 2012 Cotton Bowl Champions!! Also, it was quite possibly my last time performing with the RMB. Sad day :(

Tuba dinner group at P.F. Chang's (from left: Dustin, Bekah, me, Emily, and Austin)
Sigma Omicron (our chapter of SAI) with some of K-State's chapter
Me, post-Cotton Bowl, with Dustin and Jacob

This past weekend I mostly caught up on my beauty sleep because we didn't get back from Dallas until 7:30AM on Saturday. However, I did do one exciting thing yesterday--dyed my hair for the very first time!!! I bought a semi-permanent dye in "Darkest Brown: Espresso." Man, do they ever mean "DARKEST."  It's almost black, guys!!  I missed a bunch of spots, but luckily my stylist is available tomorrow to do some touch up and give me a much-needed cut.  I'll post pictures of the new 'do soon! (see, I can follow my own advice)  Also, I bought two new pairs of shoes today (so I have a shopping problem this break...we'll get to that some other time).  A cobalt blue suede flat with rosette embellishments on the toe and a pair of satin leopard print flats with a zipper on the toe.  Something different and fun! And on SALE!!! 

Anything fun happen this past week for you guys?  Hope you guys watched the Cotton Bowl! 

Much love,


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