Monday, January 2, 2012

Goals for 2012: The Concrete List

Hello again!

So, rather than make a million resolutions that I'm not likely to stick to the entire year, I'm going to make a list of some goals. This, of course, excludes the resolution I made in an earlier post. Still want to lose 20 pounds.  I realize that goals and resolutions are remarkably similar, but goals work better for me. So here's the list:

1. Run a 5K in March. 
2. Train for a half marathon in the Fall/Winter of 2012
3. Drink more water (I have an aversion to consuming this liquid)
4. Eat healthier
5. Be a better listener
6. Grow closer to God
7. Find the right church for me
8. Compete in at least one flute competition
9. Blog more often

These are just a few goals that I'd really like to accomplish in 2012.  What are your goals for 2012?

I hope you have a lovely day. I'm going ice skating with my family and we're visiting the brand new art museum in Bentonville called Crystal Bridges. I'll take lots of pictures and talk about the experience tomorrow!

Lots of love,


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